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Because RentHQ is cloud based, you can retrieve your data any time or anywhere. Access is available whenever an internet connection is present. Embrace the new era of cloud based computing!

Mobile Apps

Access your data any time on your Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. You can perform inspections even when there is no internet connection.

Client Logins

Landlords, tenants and contractors can all enjoy free access. This significantly reduces the need for phone calls and emails. It will save your time as well as your clients.

With some features designed for property managers and others designed for landlords


The Dashboard screen offers a concise business summary. It includes reminder notes, rent arrears, lease expirations, vacant properties and more. All your important information on one place and is the first thing you see when you log in.

Tenancy Agreements

Generate a tenancy agreement for a tenant easily with just a click. Thanks to machine learning, the more agreements you create, the easier it becomes. Let RentHQ automatically fill your forms for you. Templates are currently available for New Zealand and Australia.

Work Orders

Maintain a comprehensive record of property repairs. This ensures no issue slip through the cracks. Follow your work orders from initial reporting all the way to to payment completion. You can even create work orders on your mobile phone while completing inspections. And tenants can generate work orders too through their online login.

Import Bank Feeds

Streamline your financial workflow by importing your bank transactions. This not only saves time but also eliminates potential keying errors. Your bank account will always be in balance with this valuable tool.


Create a property inspection schedule and record comprehensive inspection results. This enhances compliance by capturing detailed information along with accompanying photos. Inspections can be completed on a mobile phone with photos automatically uploaded. Generate a PDF inspection report for the owner.

Mail Merge

Easily generate templated letters to tenants and property owners. You also have the option to directly email these letters to your recipients. This includes the ability to create your own custom receipt design.

Email and SMS/Text

Use RentHQ to send email or SMS/text messages to any of your contacts. RentHQ maintains a detailed record of all communications sent.

Online Tenancy Applications

Allow tenants to apply for your vacant rental properties online. Customize your rental application form with the questions you want to ask. You can even request file uploads. When you find your winner, convert the prospective tenant into an actual tenant.


The disbursements feature is targeted towards property managers. This feature enables automatic fee and disbursement calculations, streamlining the entire process. Export your disbursement payments to import into your banks web site. You can then email your owners a resulting management summary report.

Commercial Property Management

RentHQ is suitable for commercial real estate property management. RentHQ is equally capable of handling your residential real estate property management. RentHQ handles GST on rent, as well as distributing outgoings for commercial properties.

Xero Integration

You can schedule automatic daily bank feeds directly from Xero. This ensures your rent arrears balances always remain accurate. You can then easily determine if a tenant has missed their rent payment or not. Save time and reduce errors with this streamlined process. Learn more about Xero...

Online Marketing

Present vacant properties on an interactive online map with property photos. Prospective tenants also have the option of completing an online tenant application. Explore our Sample Property Management Company website to see this feature in action.

Rent Trust Account

For professional property managers, maintaining a trust account is crucial for the proper handling of client funds. RentHQ simplifies the process, making it easy to manage trust account reporting and accounting. This not only ensures compliance with regulations but also helps build and maintain trust with your clients.

Document Management

Upload important documents such as invoices or tenancy agreements. Optionally you can provide online access to tenants and owners as well. Being cloud based, your files are securely stored online. You can even upload your documents to your own Dropbox, Google Drive or One Drive account.

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