Best Property Management Software in Australia

Although RentHQ is created across the ditch in New Zealand, it is packed full of features that make it a great tool for use in Australia as well.

New Zealand and Australia share a very similar rental environment. We both have GST on management fees and commercial rent. We both have predominantly weekly or fortnightly rents. We both have periodic or fixed term tenancies. But there are also features tailored specifically for our Australian friends.

Australian Specific Features

  • Australian format Tenancy Tribunal report
  • Create Australian ABA export files for disbursements and work order payments
  • Australian Business Activity Statement (BAS) report
  • Create tenancy agreements in the ACT format
  • Create tenancy agreements in New South Wales format
  • Create tenancy agreements in Queensland format
  • Create fixed or periodic tenancy agreements in South Australia format
  • Create tenancy agreements in Victorian format
  • Create tenancy agreements in Western Australia format
Australian Features