RentHQ vs RentMaster Feature Comparision

For people considering whether to choose RentMaster ( or RentHQ, this comparison chart should help you. Both products are very similar, and written by the same people.





Owner details (contacts, notes, attachments, extra fees)
Property details (notes, attachments)
Tenant details (contacts, notes, attachments, bonds/deposits, extra charges)
Property management disbursements and management fee calculations
Mail merge to tenant and owners
Property inspections and result recording
Work orders and contractor details
Import bank statement files and bank reconciliation
Cashbook screen with unlimited bank accounts
Overview screen and reports and graphs, including custom reports
Database backup and restore
Send TXT/SMS messages
Mortgage details
Mobile phone or tablet application including inspections and taking photos Integration
Online tenant applications
Online marketing web site with vacant property map
Holiday homes and short stay accommodation
Software price Monthly charge, based on property count One time fee, based on property count
Landlord and tenant logins Free Optional monthly cost
Number of computers the software runs on Unlimited Fee per computer
Where does the software reside On the internet Installed on your computer
Multi-user networking capabilities Unlimited via the internet Hard wired network