Online RentHQ Training

Online Training is an opportunity to get 1 on 1 training from an expect.

During your training session, you will be able to ask questions and we will demonstrate to you the functions you want to know more about. There is no set course. You decide what you want to see. Each training session is allocated a 1 hour time slot.

These sessions are all done online. You will need a microphone and speakers connected to your computer so you can hear what we are saying, and also so you can speak back to us. During the session the trainer will view your computer screen so everyone can see what is being demonstrated.

Before your session starts, you should have your computer set up and ready with speakers and microphone, and a list of features you would like demonstrated to you.

We will use Skype for the training session. Our skype name is 'FirstByteSolutions'. Before the training session starts, search for that name in Skype and send us a message to establish a connection. When the training session starts we will contact you back via skype.

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