Monthly Archives: December 2011

New Feature - Zipped Backup and Attachments

Posted on December 29, 2011

The database backup routine has been extended in 2 ways.

First of all the database is now zipped up to make the file smaller.  Zipping the database itself significantly reduces the file size.  This makes downloading faster.

The second change is the ability to include the attachments in the zip file.  Attachments includes all attachments against a tenant or owner or property.  This could significantly increase the size of the backup file.  This option can be chosen each time you do a backup, so you may choose to include the attachments in some backups and not others.  When a database restore is done, only the database is restored, not the attachments.

Note - Backups done prior to the update can not be restored automatically.  We can manually restore a previous backup for you if required.

New Feature - Inspections for Landlord and Tenant Logins

Posted on December 28, 2011

Inspection results can now be seen online by tenants and landlords.  Tenants get to see their own inspections, and landlords get to see all inspections for the properties they own.

These inspections will only show on this login if the property manager has scheduled an inspection.  If there are no inspections scheduled, no inspection menu option will appear for either the landlord or the tenant.  So if you don't want to use the inspections features, the tenant and landlord won't be aware it exists.

A sample result is visible on the sample login.

New Features - Inspections Extensions

Posted on December 27, 2011

Property inspections has been extended.

You can now automatically generate inspection schedule entries by setting the inspection frequency on the tenant details screen.  This will cause new inspections to be automatically added each time one inspection date is passed.  For example if the inspection frequency is set to 2 months, then the first inspection will be automatically added 2 months after the tenancy start date.  Then when the date of the first inspection passes, another inspection will be automatically added 2 months after that and so on.

Also a new report has been created called the Inspection Schedule report.  This prints the list of scheduled inspections during the date range specified.  This is found under Tenant Reports.

Also a new button has been added to the inspection schedule screen labelled Print Schedule.  This will take you from the inspection screen to the reports screen, with the inspection schedule report preselected ready to print.

Also, you can now print inspection results.  This is the same inspection checklist report printed from the inspection results screen, however if you have already recorded the results, the results will be printed on the checklist as well.

New Feature - Hide Imported Transactions

Posted on December 24, 2011

When importing bank statement transactions, there is now an option to hide transactions which are completed and dont need any further attention.  This can be useful if you have to import a lot of transactions, and just want to quickly access the ones which are not yet correct.