Monthly Archives: May 2013

New Feature - Default Property Manager

Posted on May 7, 2013

In the property details screen you can now specify the login of the person who is the default property inspector for that property.  So if you have a few property managers, you can specify which one primarily takes care of that property.

When the property manager has been set, when you create an inspection via the inspection calendar the default property manager for that property will be filled in as the default inspector for that property as well.

New Feature - Statement Import Split Rules

Posted on May 5, 2013

When importing bank statements, you can specify rules which enable you to categorise the transactions.

You also have the ability to split transactions into 2 transactions.

With this new release you now have the ability to create rules which include the split.  For example you might have a tenant who pays $200 rent each period.  You can specify that if a transaction from this tenant arrives, and the value exceeds $200, then split the transaction into 2 transactions with the first half being $200 rent and the second half being the remaining amount using a different group like water rates repaid.  

This is all set up on the rules setup screen accessible from the Import Statement screen.