Monthly Archives: March 2020

Extra Charge and Rent Increase Mail Merge Letters

Posted on March 3, 2020
The RentHQ mail merge facility has been extended to include more purpose specific mail merge templates. You can now create tenant mail merge templates for receipts, inspection reminders, rent increase notifications and extra charges.

When you create a new mail merge template, you now get to choose what the purpose of the template is. Based on the purpose selected, the list of insertions changes based on that purpose. For example a rent increase notice will include the date the rent increases and the new amount. The extra charge letter includes the extra charge date and amount and description.

Existing receipt and inspection reminder letters are upgraded automatically.

A rent increase letter can only be printed by going to the Rent Change details screen from the tenant details screen.

An extra charge letter can only be printed by going to the Extra Charge details screen for a specific extra charge. This letter could be used to create an invoice for that extra charge.