Monthly Archives: February 2014

New Features - Saved Work Order Emails

Posted on February 27, 2014

In work orders you can send an email to a contractor with the details of the job to be completed.

Now when you send those emails, we will record a note against the work order with the contents of the email and the date it was sent.  This can be handy for review purposes.  Note - this does not guarantee the contractor received it or read it, just that it was sent.

New Feature - New Group Transactions Report

Posted on February 27, 2014

A new report has been created called the Group Transactions report.  This is found under Transaction reports.

This report is a simple report which print a list of all transactions related to a single income or expense group, during the date range specified.

New Tutorial - Income and Expense Groups

Posted on February 24, 2014

As part of the attempt to help people learn how to use RentHQ, we have created a new tutorial on income and expense groups.

This seems to be an area where people are getting confused.  There are a number of options available on each of the groups, and knowing the effect of each option is important, and sometimes not fully understood.  So hopefully this tutorial will help.

The tutorial is called 'Income and Expense Groups', and is found on this web page.

New Feature - More help

Posted on February 16, 2014

The help facility in RentHQ has been enhanced.

The help and video buttons which were in the top right hand corner of the screen has been changed.  A single help button now exists in their place.  When you click this button it pops open a new help menu which contains the old help and video buttons and 2 new options.  

One option allows you to ask a question which is emailed to tech support.  We will answer your question by return email.

The other allows you to suggest a new feature, which is also emailed to tech support.  All suggestions are added to our wish-list and priorities based on various criteria.

Survey Results

Posted on February 13, 2014

The survey results are in.  Thanks very much to everyone that responded.  The level of detail some people chose to write was fantastic.

What was very pleasing was the last question, which asked 'Overall, are you satisfied with RentHQ', and we got the equivilent score of 86 out of 100, which is great.

It is also evident from the results that people find it hard to learn.  This was the area where we got the lowest score - only 66%.  This is an area we have already made changes in, with more changes in mind for the future.

The question which asked for improvement suggestions got a very mixed result.  There was no one area which got singled out for attention.  Some suggestions we already have, which comes back to training again - sorry.

Thanks again for all the feedback and suggestions.  Some suggestions have already been implemented.  Remember you dont have to wait for a survey to send through a suggestion or question.  We are always open to new ideas.

New Features

Posted on February 13, 2014

A series of small changes have taken place today.

- Some people have found setting up the income and expense groups to be confusing with the range of options available.  To help make things easier we have now put some brief popup help on the setup screen itself.

- On the cashbook screen, it used to load the first 200 transactions based on the users filter.  This has been increased to 1000.  If you have a lot of transactions you may find it is a bit slower to load as a result.  However it makes it easier to find the transactions you want without having to narrow your search right down.

- If the cashbook load hits the 1000 limit, a small message will be displayed at the bottom of the screen to let you know that more transactions may exist.

- On the bank reconciliation screen, the variance limit message at the bottom of the screen is shown in blue now while it is in variance.  Once the variance becomes zero, it goes back to the normal black font colour again.

- A small bug has been found and fixed on the work orders screen, where quickly typing a property instead of selecting it with the mouse could end up displaying the wrong tenant name.

New Feature - More Help Links

Posted on February 9, 2014

Help topics for each of the setup menu options have been written for a long time, but they were not easily accessible.

Now when you go to one of the setup menu options, the Help button in the top right of the screen is show so you can get instant help on the setup topic you are currently on.

New Feature - Closed Bank Accounts

Posted on February 9, 2014

RentHQ has now got the ability to mark a bank account as closed.

A closed bank account will be hidden from the cashbook screen.  If you want to review past transactions in that account, you will need to reopen the account, review the transactions, and then close it again.

Closing a bank account will not delete any underlying transactions.

New Tutorial - Disbursement in detail

Posted on February 9, 2014

This tutorial is partially from feedback from the survey, and from talking to a few clients.

This tutorial covers disbursements in a lot more detail.  It is almost 20 minutes long!  In particular it goes into a lot more detail regarding the transactions that make up the disbursement in the first place like the income and expense transactions and the extra fees.

This tutorial can be found at the bottom of the tutorials page here

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Posted on February 6, 2014

The first ever RentHQ customer satisfaction survey has been created.  Your response would be very much appreciated.

This is your opportunity to make RentHQ an even greater product!

Here is a link to the survey:  It is only 8 questions, and it is anonymous.