Monthly Archives: December 2023

Integrate Your Inspections with Google Calendar

Posted on December 13, 2023
Thanks to Jason for suggesting a way to streamline inspection management. His request was to sync inspections with Google Calendar to make scheduling more efficient and prevent any double bookings. With inspections often planned weeks in advance, this integration allows users to easily see their availability for additional meetings (or maybe golf?).

Now, RentHQ users can link their accounts to Google Calendar on an individual basis, ensuring that only their designated inspections populate their calendar.

Here's how to set it up:

1. Navigate to Functions/Setup/Security Logins.
2. Select the user's login and access the Calendar tab.
3. Click on 'Sign in with Google' to connect your RentHQ user account to your Google Calendar.

Connect to RentHQ to Google Calendar

Once linked, if you have multiple calendars, return to the login screen to designate the specific calendar for your inspections.

Choose your Google Calendar

When creating inspections, it's important to select the appropriate 'inspector' to link the inspection correctly. For instance, in the images shown above with two logins, the Google calendar is linked to 'Login 1.' Therefore, ensure that the designated inspector is selected during inspection creation. Inspections without an assigned inspector won't be linked to any Google calendars.

Choose your inspector when creating an inspection

Remember that on the property details screen, you can specify the default 'Property Manager' for that property. Then when creating inspections, it will select that property manager as the default Inspector for that property.

Choose your inspector when creating an inspection

Important notes:
- Previously scheduled inspections before linking to Google Calendar won't display in your calendar; only new or modified inspections will.
- Any changes made to inspection dates and times within RentHQ will sync with your Google Calendar. However, modifications made solely in Google Calendar won't reflect in RentHQ. Therefore, it's recommended to manage inspections exclusively within RentHQ for accurate synchronization.

More Suggestion Updates for December

Posted on December 6, 2023
As per last month, a lot of enhancement suggestions have continues to roll in, and more of them have been completed. This is what was release in version 3.9.0.

- A lot of suggestions were made regarding adding column XYZ to screen ABC. And all these suggestions wanted different columns. If I added every column to every screen that was suggested the screen could become cluttered with columns other people might not want. So instead you can now choose which additional columns you want to add to your screens. This has been done by adding a 3 dot button to the top right of certain screens. Not all screens have these additional columns. By clicking the 3 dot button you can choose which columns to add or remove again. This applies to the computer it was created on, so different people in the same office can choose to show the columns they want to see.
Choose your own custom columns

- A change has been made to the transaction import screen. You can start an import, then move to a different menu and come back to the import again, and it will be the same as when you left it. This means you wont have to start all over again. Thanks to Nicola for the suggestion.

- A new custom message has been created, allowing you to add a new message into the body of all tenant invoices, including extra charge invoices. Go to Functions/Setup/Options and then click on the Messages tab to enter the tenant invoice message. This message could contain payment instructions or bank account details. Thanks to Richard for the suggestion.

- You can now record a transaction in the cashbook screen, selecting a closed property, but only when the closed property has a tenant who is marked as 'Closed - Allow Transaction Entry'. Note that the closed properties will appear at the bottom of the property list. Thanks to Garth for the suggestion.