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RentHQ customers worldwide spread

Posted on December 12, 2016
Have you ever wondered where in the world RentHQ is being used?  Strangely enough, so did I.  So I decided to find out. You can now view a world map showing where currently managed properties are located by going to There is some important information regarding this map. Not all properties are represented.  Actually only a small proportion can be represented.  This is because we can only show properties which have complete addresses.  For example a property with a street address but no suburb or city is not specific enough to establish where in the world that property is located.  You can check if one of your properties has a specific enough address by clicking the 'pin' button to the right of the property address on the property details screen in RentHQ. We have also hidden the exact location of a property.  Each pin on the map is accurate to within approximately 11km or 6.8 miles of the actual location of the property.  As a result some pins have ended up in the ocean, and multiple properties in similar locations could be shown as a single pin or number.