Monthly Archives: March 2017

Windows 10 App Updates

Posted on March 24, 2017
A new update has been released which only affects the Windows 10 app version of RentHQ.  A number of people have provided feedback on the Windows 10 app usability, so this update is to address those issues.
  • The scrolling tabs used in windows 10 have been replaced with something that now looks a lot more like the Silverlight browser version of the tabs.
  • The scrolling date picker has been replaced with a date picker that again looks a lot more like the browser version.  This is the old school calendar date picker.
  • The drop down combo box now behaves more like the browser version as well.  You can start typing the first few characters of the thing you want to select and it will find the closest match.
As a windows 10 user, I think you will find these changes are easier to use.  The scrolling behaviour found in Windows 10 is better suited to touch screens, however RentHQ is more likely to be used with a mouse than a touch screen.