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New Online Reference Requests

Posted on February 12, 2022
A reference request is where you contact a person such as a previous landlord or property manager, and ask them a few questions about a previous tenant of theirs who wants to rent one of your properties.

This can now all be done online following these steps

1. You create the reference request in RentHQ
2. An email is send to the referee.
3. The referee clicks a link in the email to access an online form to answer your questions.
4. The answers to the questions is emailed back to you as well as being stored back inside RentHQ again.

A tutorial video explaining this procedure can be found here

In addition to the new reference requests, when creating 'Online Applications', there is a new question type. The question type is a Yes/No question type. The person filling out the application gets both a yes and a no option, and they choose one of them. This applies to both the tenant applications and the reference request applications.