Monthly Archives: April 2019

RentHQ reports straight to your inbox

Posted on April 30, 2019
RentHQ has a lot of reports, and you probably have your favorite few which you print regularly.
RentHQ now has a new feature which means you don't need to manually generate those report any more - RentHQ will generate them for you and send them straight to your email inbox. You can choose which reports you want to see, and how often you want to see them, and RentHQ will do the rest.
This new feature is called Scheduled Reports, and is found under the Functions/Setup/Scheduled Reports menu option. You just have to create your schedule, add your reports, and wait.
You can watch a 2 minute video tutorial of this new feature here

Close a Chart of Accounts Item

Posted on April 16, 2019
You may have created an income or expense group a while ago, used it a few times, and now you don't want to use it again. However you cant delete a group which has been used.

Now you can choose to Close that group instead. Closed groups will no longer be visible in the cashbook for the creation of new transactions or when importing transactions. However it will still be available for search or reporting on old transactions.

To close a group, go to the Functions/Setup/Chart of Accounts menu option, edit the group in question, and choose the Close option.

Android App Update

Posted on April 7, 2019
The android app has been enhanced with the use of 'paging' for grids.
This means when there is a table with a large number of rows, the app will only show a small number of rows, and you have next and previous buttons to move forwards or backwards between the rows. This makes the app faster as it does not need to show hundreds of rows on the screen at the same time.
You can also click the column headings to sort the data based on the column you have chosen.