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Monthly Archives: December 2022

Tenants can now log their own work orders

Posted on December 13, 2022
The tenant is the person best placed to inform you of any work that needs doing on your rental property.

With the latest update, the tenant can now log their own work orders via the tenants login. Of course it is still up to you to decide whether to proceed with the work order or not after reviewing it.

Via the tenants portal login, there is a new menu option for tenants called 'New Repair Request'

The resulting menu option requires the tenant to describe the problem, and optionally attach files such as photos.

This should save you time, and keep your properties in better condition.

Online tenant applications can now attach files

Posted on December 5, 2022
When a prospective tenant applies online to rent one of your properties, you can now request files to be uploaded as part of the application.

Using the Functions/Online Applications menu option, you can now add a question of type 'File'. You add a caption to be displayed to the prospective tenant letting them know what type of file you want added. You can add as many File questions as you need.

The uploaded files are available on a new Attachments tab, added to the Prospect details screen in RentHQ.

The email sent to the property manager when the prospect completes the application also contains a URL link to the files.

When a prospective tenant is converted to a real tenant, the attachment files are copied across to the new tenant record.