Monthly Archives: January 2018

Important changes to lease expiry date

Posted on January 24, 2018
On the tenant details screen, a new Lease Expiry Date field has been added.

Previously people would use the End Date to represent both the end of the current lease term, and the end of the tenancy.  We now have 2 dates to represent those 2 milestones.

The End Date has been renamed Tenancy End Date, and is used solely to represent the date the tenant intends to move out of the property.  If the tenancy end date is not yet known, it can be left blank.

The new Lease Expiry Date is the date that has been negotiated between the landlord and the tenant as the end of their current fixed term tenancy.  If the tenancy is not for a fixed term, the lease expiry date can be left blank.

When a fixed term tenancy is coming to an end the landlord and tenant will discuss an extension.  If an extension is agreed upon, then the Lease Expiry Date should be adjusted to represent the newly extended expiry date.  If the tenant chooses not to extend, then the Tenancy End Date should be set to represent the date the tenant has agreed to vacate the property.

The Lease Expiry Date has also been added as a printable field in Mail Merge.

New Android app now has inspections, with additional features

Posted on January 18, 2018
The recently released new Android app now has the ability to do inspections as well. Not only that, but a few new features have been added to inspections in general. When you use a camera in RentHQ to take an inspection photo, RentHQ will automatically put a time stamp on the photo in the lower left corner. Also when entering inspection results against a specific room, a new option 'Take photo of this room' is now present. If you use this link to take a photo, RentHQ will also stamp the photo with the name of the room as well as the time stamp. This applies to the Silverlight browser version of RentHQ, the Windows 10 app version of RentHQ, the mobile web page version as well as the new Android app. The inspections in the Android app looks very similar to the existing RentHQ software. It also takes advantage of the recently added Inspection Comments. Photo uploading should in most cases be a lot faster than the old mobile web page used for inspections.  

New Android app can now take photos as attachments

Posted on January 9, 2018
The new Android app now has the ability to take photos and add them as attachments using the phones camera. You can also select existing photos from the Androids photo gallery and add them as attachments as well.  Although if you have a lot of existing photos to add, the Windows 10 App would still be a quicker way to add multiple photos. The new Android app is available in the app store.

New quick inspection comments saves you time during inspections

Posted on January 7, 2018
A new feature has been added which allows you to create a pre-defined list of inspection result comments.  For example a comment might be 'Needs cleaning'.  As this is a comment you might use regularly, you can add it to a pre-defined list, and then just select it from a dropdown list when completing your inspections.  This saves you the need to manually type the comment each time. The new pre-defined list of comments is found under the Functions/Setup/Inspection Comments menu option. This feature is available in the browser version, the Windows 10 app version, and the mobile web site.  The new android app will also get this feature in future.