Monthly Archives: September 2016

New Feature - Close Off Date

Posted on September 14, 2016
In RentHQ we have added a new close off date. The close off date is any date which you can set by going to the Functions/Setup/Options screen.  (It defaults to 1/1/2000). Once the close-off date is set, this effectively locks any transactions prior to this date.  This means you will not be able to edit or delete any transaction with a date prior to the close off date.  You will also not be able to create a new transaction with a date prior to the close off date (except for transaction imports).  Not only does this apply to transactions in the cashbook, but the same also applies to extra charges, extra fees and disbursements as well. The primary intention of this feature is for people who know they have finished their transactions and want to make sure someone does not accidentally change or delete any of them.  If you really did need to change one of those transaction, you can change the close off date, and then change it back again after your modifications are complete.

New Feature - TXT/SMS messages handling

Posted on September 1, 2016
RentHQ has the ability to send SMS/TXT messages.  (In some countries they are called SMS messages, and in other countries they are called TXT messages.  They are all the same thing.) However with a recent change, new customer using this feature will get updated functionality.  When the message is sent, a note is recorded against the tenant or owner or contractor the message is sent to for your records.  The difference now is if the recipient replies to that message, the reply is sent back into RentHQ again, where we now also record the reply as a new note against the same tenant or owner or contractor.  The reply is not sent as a TXT message back to your phone.  Instead we will send you an email containing both the original message you sent, as well as their reply. This new functionality helps to create a better audit trail as we record both the sent and received messages as notes in the software. As a result of these changes, you no longer need to register your mobile number in the software.  When the recipient receives the message, your mobile number will no longer be shown as the reply number.  Instead the reply number will be a small 4 digit number.   Note that as before, there are small charges for each message you send.  Changes vary from one country to the next.  In NZ the price is about $0.10 per message.  In Australia it is about $0.08, and in the US it is about $0.02