Monthly Archives: July 2024

Mail merge on Android and iOS

Posted on July 8, 2024
Mail merge has been available as a feature in the desktop version of RentHQ since the beginning. Now part of that functionality has been added to the mobile device.

You can now generate a letter on the mobile in the same way as the desktop software.
- You can generate a receipt from the transaction screen.
- You can generate a rent increase letter from the rent changes screen.
- You can generate an extra charge letter from the extra charges screen.
- You can generate an inspection letter from the inspection details screen.
- You can generate all other letter types from the Functions/Mail Merge menu option which has been newly added.

Also newly added is the Functions/Letters menu option. This enables you to view previously created letters.

Once generated, the only option is to email the letter to the recipient if they have a primary contact with an email address. You are not able to print from the mobile device.

Due to the much smaller screen size on the mobile, you are not able to create or edit mail merge templates.