Monthly Archives: April 2015

RentHQ and Google Chrome

Posted on April 20, 2015
This is a notice regarding using RentHQ on the Google Chrome browser. In the last few days Google has changed their browser, and now disables Silverlight and other similar plugins. Because RentHQ makes use of Silverlight, this means that RentHQ also no longer works on the Google Chrome browser. Silverlight is a Microsoft product which enables the development of rich client side applications which can run in the browser. It is similar in concept to Flash. Microsoft have said they will continue to support Silverlight until 2021. So what does this mean for people using Google Chrome? There is a temporary workaround which will enable Silverlight to work in Google Chrome again, however this is probably only going to be temporary. Google have said that this work around is going to be removed completely from the Google Chrome browser later this year. Therefore now is probably a good time to move on to a different browser. Microsoft Internet Explorer is likely to be the best bet. Because this is also a Microsoft product, Silverlight and therefore RentHQ will work well in this browser. Firefox also works. Firefox has not declared any plans to do what Google have done with their browser.