Monthly Archives: March 2013

New Feature - Limit properties available for different logins

Posted on March 4, 2013

You can now restrict which properties each login can access.  This is useful in a property management company where you might have multiple managers, and each manager is responsible for a different range of tenants and properties.

By default everyone can see all properties.  However you can now go to the Functions/Setup/Security Logins screen, and access the new Properties tab to make restrictions.

By restricting which properties a person can see, this also has flow on effects to other areas which are also restricted.  This is a list of some of the additional items which are restricted based on the properties available

  • Tenant list.  Only tenants occupying the restricted properties are shown.  This also has additional flow on effects to other areas as shown below.
  • Automatic transactions
  • Inspections on the inspections schedule
  • Work orders
  • Extra charges (restricted by tenant)
  • Cashbook transactions
  • Mileage log
  • Arrears screen (restricted by tenant)
  • Vacant property list
  • Pending rent reviews (restricted by tenant)

New Feature - Security restrictions on deletions

Posted on March 4, 2013

New security restrictions have been created which limits a person's ability to delete owners, properties and tenants.  These are 3 separate options.  You can access these options from the Setup/Security Logins screen.  This screen has been expanded to now have 3 tabs.  The new Options tab contains these new restrictions.