Monthly Archives: December 2019

Marketing your Vacant Properties

Posted on December 3, 2019
As part of renting properties, we often find ourselves needing to find new tenants for our vacant properties. We are not earning money while they are vacant.

With the latest version of RentHQ, marketing gets a bit easier, especially for people with their own web sites.

On the property details screen is a new Marketing tab. This enables you to add marketing photos to your properties. On the Functions/Setup/Options screen is another Marketing tab. This contains a special URL which shows all your vacant properties on a map, which people can click on to get further property details, and to view your photos. They can also apply online to rent your properties. You can embed this map on your own web site if you have one.

Also the Vacant Handout report now shows property photos if you have added photos to the property marketing tab.

The easiest way to see all these new features is to watch a new video tutorial.