Monthly Archives: May 2017

New Report - Vacancy Days

Posted on May 19, 2017
RentHQ has a new report called Vacancy Days, which lists each property, and prints the number of days it has been vacant as well as a total vacancy days percentage.  You get to choose the date range to analyse.  This report is found under Analysis Reports on the reports screen. This is great for finding out which properties are under or over performing. The report automatically excludes any property which has never had a tenant.  It also ignores the time prior to the first tenant moving in.  For example you may choose to run the report for the last 10 years, but one property was only acquired 1 year ago.  The report is not going to say that property has been vacant for 9 years.

Import photos directly off your camera

Posted on May 10, 2017
You can now import photos and videos directly off your camera into RentHQ as attachments. Note – This only applies to the Windows 10 app version of RentHQ. The browser version does not have access to your camera. This applies to digital cameras and phone cameras as well as digital card readers and even USB flash drives. To import photos directly into RentHQ...
  1. Go to the Attachments tab on the tenant, owner, property or inspection screens and press the Camera button.
  2. Choose which device you want to import your photos from. This device needs to be connected prior to pressing the Camera button.
  3. Press the Find Files button. This will scan your camera or device looking for photos. A list of photos with a small thumbprint image will be listed on the screen.
  4. Use the checkbox next to each image to select which files you want to import.
  5. Press the Import button. For each selected photo, you will be presented with the standard RentHQ Attachment screen, where you get to give the photo a description before the final upload.