Monthly Archives: March 2014

New Feature - Rent Arrears Report

Posted on March 20, 2014

A new report has been created called the Rent Arrears report and is found under Tenant Reports on the reports screen. 

This report is identical to the rent status report, except it only includes tenants who are in arrears, not the tenants who are up to date.

New Feature - Grace days on arrears reporting

Posted on March 18, 2014

A new option has been added to the Options screen labelled Grace days before tenants appear on the arrears report.

What this means is that a tenant will not appear on the dashboard arrears panel or the Rent Status report until their paid to date is a specified number of days behind.  This defaults to zero days.

This could be used in situations where you give the tenant until the end of their due date before reporting them as overdue, so you would set the number of grace days to 1 day.

New Feature - Mortgage Analysis and Revolving Credit

Posted on March 18, 2014

People asked for these features during the last survey, so here they are...

We have made a number of changes to mortgages, and in particular their analysis.  If the Mortgage feature has been turned off for your setup, (this means you are probably a property manager with no mortgages) then you wont see any of these changes.


  • You can now mark a mortgage as being a revolving credit type mortgage.  Once you do that you then specify which of your existing bank accounts is the revolving credit account.  Because revolving credit accounts are like big overdrafts, any money put into the account at any time is like a principle payment, and any money taken out is like a negative principle payment.
  • On the analysis tab of the reports screen we now have an additional Interest payment graph so you can see how much you are paying per month over time.
  • Also on the analysis tab, the balance graph will be accurate for both revolving credit as well as normal interest and principle type mortgages.
  • We have also added some big new graphs to the Graphs screen found on the Information tab.  We have added a mortgage payments graph.  This will enable you to see all your interest and principle payments across all mortgages over time.
  • Also on the graphs screen is a Mortgage Debt graph.  This shows your total debt across all mortgages over time.

New Feature - Stricter extra fee control

Posted on March 3, 2014

The ability to change extra fees has been restricted for any fee which has already been disbursed.

If it has been disbursed, you can not delete it, or change its value or change the owner associated with it.  You can change the date or the description, as this does not invalidate the disbursement.

If you need to delete the fee or change its value, you will have to delete the associated disbursement first, and then recreate the disbursement again.

This brings extra fees in line with standard transactions in the cashbook which already have similar restrictions.  It stops people from inadvertently affecting the integrity of their disbursement transactions and the owner reports.

When editting an extra fee, you can also see who it was disbursed to and when.