Monthly Archives: October 2015

New Feature - Property custom fields in tenant mail merge

Posted on October 5, 2015
A mail merge letter sent to a tenant can contain multiple different fields which are related to that tenant.  With this enhancement, you can now add the custom fields related to the property the tenant is currently occupying to the mail merge letter. For example, maybe you have created a custom field on the property details screen which contains the property alarm code.  You can now create a mail merge letter to the tenant which includes that information.

New Feature - Automatic Database Backup

Posted on October 2, 2015
It is important that customers always keep a safe copy of their database in case of a database corruption, or if you simply want to undo some changes that were accidentally made.  That is why we have the ability for each customer to back up their own database - something a lot of other cloud software developers do not provide. With this update the backup has just got even easier.  For any customer who is using the dropbox integration, you can now choose to allow RentHQ to back up your database for you directly to your dropbox account, at a schedule of your choosing.  You could choose to backup daily or weekly or every 9 days - the choice is yours.  You can also choose the time of day to do the backup e.g. 2 a.m. when everyone is sleeping. To enable your backup schedule, go to the Functions/Setup/Options screen, then to the Dropbox tab, and if dropbox is enabled you will see the backup scheduling options.