Monthly Archives: September 2019

Email Extra Charge Invoices with Additional Attachments

Posted on September 30, 2019
Often when we create an extra charge for a tenant, it is because we have an invoice we want them to pay, such as a water bill or a repair bill. So when we email the tenant the extra charge invoice, it would be good to be able to also send them a copy of the original invoice we want them to pay.

This is now possible. Here is how you do it.
- First you need to add the original invoice as an attachment against the tenant.
- Next you need to create the extra charge.
- After creating the extra charge, choose the Generate Invoice button on the extra charge screen.
- After the invoice has been generated, use the Email icon to email the extra charge invoice to your tenant.
- On the 'Send Report to Email' screen, go to the Attachments tab, and tick the attachments you want to send to your tenant along with your extra charge invoice.

Note - this option is not available if you are using Outlook to send your emails.