Monthly Archives: May 2024

RentHQ Updates in version 3.9.5

Posted on May 23, 2024
RentHQ is constantly evolving, and we're thrilled to announce some new features inspired by your suggestions.

With over 80 reports available, finding your go-to ones can be challenging. We’ve made it easier by allowing you to tag your favorite reports with a star. These favorites will always appear at the top of your list, customized for each user and computer. Simply click the little gold star next to the report name to toggle its favorite status.

Choose your favourite reports

We’ve also added the option for custom work order status values, another highly requested feature. If we added all the status values people have suggested, we would probably have about 20 of them by now. Instead of sifting through a long list of preset statuses, you can now create your own. Head over to the new Functions/Setup/Work Order Status menu to add your custom status values. Note that while you can’t delete the original five status values, you can modify their descriptions and add as many new ones as you need.

For clients managing both residential and commercial properties, we’ve introduced the ability to specify the GST/VAT tax rate on extra charges. If your extra charge income groups all share the same tax rate (typically zero), this change won't affect you. However, if you have multiple extra charge income groups with different tax rates, you can now select the appropriate rate when creating a new extra charge. This feature ensures the correct tax amount is calculated and displayed on your extra charge invoice report.

We hope these improvements enhance your experience with RentHQ. Keep your suggestions coming!

RentHQ Enhancements for May 2024

Posted on May 2, 2024
This month, RentHQ has undergone further enhancements driven by customer feedback and suggestions.

One notable addition is the recording of the login used to create a note, along with displaying the name of the note creator on the note screen. This feature is useful in scenarios involving multiple contributors, especially when referencing actions like a tenant phone call. With this enhancement, identifying the initiator of a note helps to identify who made the phone call.

Additionally, a new report, 'Tenant History 2,' has been introduced. While akin to the existing 'Tenant History' report, it has a slightly refined layout for improved user experience.

Both the Automatic Transactions and Import Rules screens now feature a convenient text filter at the top, facilitating swift entry retrieval.

Furthermore, lists of notes, such as those on the tenant or owner screens, are now sorted to show recent entries at the top of the list.