Monthly Archives: May 2019

Save Reports as Excel Files

Posted on May 31, 2019
RentHQ has had the ability to created reports as either PDF files or CSV files for a long time.
With this latest release you now also have the option to save it as an Excel file in the xlsx format.
To use this new option, down the bottom right corner of the reports screen, choose Excel as the preferred file format prior to generating the report.

Send Attachments via Email

Posted on May 21, 2019
In RentHQ you can add attachment files to tenants and properties and owners etc. Now with the latest update, you can get RentHQ to email those files to someone such as the tenant or owner they belong to. This is very similar to the way you email report files.

This could be useful for example if you attach a tenancy agreement to the tenant, and then want to send a copy to that tenant via email.

To send an attachment via email, you need to edit the attachment, and press the new Email button (the one that looks like an envelope). You then get to choose who to send it to. RentHQ tries to recommend the most likely recipient for you like the tenant or owner the file is attached it.
For people that use Dropbox or OneDrive for their file storage, you will need to wait until the file has been uploaded to your storage account before you can email it.

Windows 10 App Update

Posted on May 14, 2019
These changes apply to the Windows 10 App only.

The grid list, which lists things like the cashbook transactions or the list of properties or the list of tenants etc, has been updated.
You can now resize the columns by dragging the column separator in the column heading, and this width is remembered the next time you visit the same screen.
You can sort the data by clicking on the column heading - this is not new. However when you revisit the same screen again now, the chosen sort column and sort direction is remembered and reapplied.