Monthly Archives: September 2020

Send Work Order Attachments to Contractors

Posted on September 12, 2020
When you send a work order to a contractor, you can now choose to also send attachments.

The attachment needs to be added to the work order before the 'Email Contractor' button is pressed. Then when you complete the Email Contractor function, the list of attachments attached to the work order will be available, and you can choose which attachment(s) to send. This function is also available on the mobile phone apps.

Sending attachments is not available when emails are sent via Outlook.

Automatic Inspection Fees

Posted on September 2, 2020
It is common for property managers to want to charge a fee to the property owner each time an inspection is completed. Previously this had to be done manually, but now it can be automated.

First you need to specify the rate you want to charge the owner for each inspection. This can be done on the Functions/Setup/Options screen. However you can also over-ride it on a per-owner basis on the owner details screen disbursements tab.

Then when you create an inspection, there is an option to specify if you want to charge a fee for that particular inspection or not. By default the fee is not charged but you can change that. By default it is not charged because sometimes inspections are created automatically, and they don't always get completed. So we don't want to charge an owner for an incomplete inspection.

A few things to note.
- If no fee amount is specified, the option to create the fee is not shown.
- You can change the yes/no option to charge a fee any time up until it is disbursed.
- If a fee is charged against an inspection, and it has been disbursed, the inspection can no longer be deleted.
- Up until the time inspection results are recorded, the yes/no options are optional. After results have been entered, the yes/no options become mandatory.

There is a training video covering this feature available here