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Inspection Photo Counts: A Closer Look

Posted on September 27, 2023
Have you ever been curious about how many photos property managers or landlords typically take during an average inspection? To satisfy my own curiosity, I delved into the RentHQ data and conducted a sample analysis. In the graph below, I've plotted the data, with the horizontal axis representing the average number of photos taken per inspection, and the vertical axis indicating the number of RentHQ clients who capture that specific number of photos. Numbers are rounded up to the nearest 10 Graph showing inspection photo counts It's intriguing to observe that there are a few outliers who go above and beyond, taking well over 100 photos per inspection. Remarkably, the highest average goes up to an astonishing 157 photos per inspection. Conversely, the most popular category stands in stark contrast, with an average of fewer than 10 photos per inspection. Surprisingly, 40% of clients fall into this category, showing a preference for capturing minimal photos. Digging deeper, I found that a significant 90% of all clients take 50 photos or less on average. Moreover, half of all clients take less than 15 photos per inspection, indicating a general trend towards limited visual documentation. This data sheds light on the photo-taking habits of property managers and landlords, showcasing the diversity in their approach to inspection photography.