New RentHQ Android App

Posted on December 19, 2017
A new Android version of RentHQ has just been released to the Android App Store. This is just in time for the holidays, as I know how much you like doing property management stuff during your holidays :-) This new version does about 80% of what the desktop software can do. So you can create, edit, and delete tenants, owners, properties, transactions, work orders etc. The new version also does a few things the desktop software cant do, such as making a phone call to one of your contacts or sending SMS/TXT messages directly from the phone. RentHQ does not charge you for these SMS/TXT messages, although your phone service provider might. Because of the restrictions of a mobile device which normally has a much small screen and less capacity, a number of functions wont be available in the App.  There are also some functions which are not available at the moment, but may get added back in later if there enough call for it. A notable omission in this first version is Inspections. This is an important function for the mobile version so time will be taken to make sure it is designed right.  The existing mobile web site it still available for inspections and non-android devices. You need Android version 5 or higher. Low spec devices will struggle, as RentHQ screens have a lot going on. This app has not been tested on all devices, so I would be keen to know how it works on yours.  Just search for RentHQ in the Android app store. A quick video overview of the new app can be found here