Owners can now view some tenants letters, plus other changes

Posted on March 19, 2024
We've implemented an enhancement that allows greater flexibility in managing letters generated for tenants. Now, not only can tenants access their letters, but owners can also view them. By default, owner visibility is disabled for tenant letters. However, we've introduced a new option that lets you toggle owner access on a per-letter basis. You can specify whether owners can view a letter at the time of creation on the Mail Merge screen, or you can modify it later. This feature empowers owners to access crucial letters, such as rent arrears notices, while keeping others private.

In our cashbook interface, we've streamlined the process of manually entering transactions. Previously, after inputting the first transaction, the system would default back to today's date for subsequent entries. However, we recognized the importance of maintaining continuity when entering transactions from a bank statement. Now, the system retains the date of the previous transaction, facilitating smoother data entry. Of course, users retain the flexibility to modify dates as needed.

Additionally, we've made an improvement to the payments tab on the work order screen. Now, the reference column displays for previous transactions associated with the work order, enhancing clarity and organization.