RentHQ Updates in version 3.9.6

Posted on June 15, 2024
We have been hard at work implementing your software enhancement suggestions. Here are the highlights from our latest update:

Property Insurance Details:
We've added a new 'Insurance' tab on the property details screen.
A new 'Insurance List' report is available under 'Entity Reports'. This report includes all properties and their basic insurance details, even those without insurance information.
For users generating the New Zealand Tenancy Services tenancy agreement, insurance details will now auto-populate on the form.
Previously entered insurance details from the New Zealand Tenancy Services tenancy agreement have been migrated to the property details screen.

Tenant and Disbursement Information:
On the tenant details screen, tenant history is now sorted with the latest information at the top by default.
The owner disbursements tab now displays the list of disbursements in the same manner, with the most recent information first.

Mobile App Enhancements:
For iOS and Android users with larger tablet screens, the app now utilizes more screen space, improving the display over the previous compressed view meant for smaller mobile phones.

Dashboard Performance:
The dashboard screen has been optimized to load faster, particularly benefiting customers managing a large number of properties and tenants.

Mail Merge Templates:
Additional fields have been added to the Extra Charge letters template. You can now include the tax amount and tax-exclusive amount in your letters.

We hope these updates enhance your experience and efficiency with our software. Thank you for your valuable feedback!